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Another milestone

Well, thanks to all of you who have visited my site I have just pushed past the 2,500 views (in the 11 months or so since I started the venture). That’s averaging over 200 views a month!

So to mark the occasion I give you some of the more unusual Google searches by which people have found their way to me:

The gayness of Joe Abercrombie, or his characters, seems to lead down my path. Several people used variants on this theme, including:
“joe abercrombie the heroes gay characters”, “joe abercrombie gay characters” and “joe abercrombie gay.”

Someone was evidently looking for the “gaiman mieville ghetto”. A scary sounding place indeed.

Someone was hoping for a “midichlorian triumph”

I’m not sure the person who typed in “pet monkey climbing nets” really got much help from my website. Likewise the person who wanted to know “how to summoning the jinni” was probably in the wrong part of the internet.

And then there’s the inexplicable:
“new vw commercial starts with children laughing then adults laughing then elderly laughing”
“short story the toyota with characters,setting,conflict,resolution and theme”
“how does empress wu zetian relate to the disempowerment of women”
“jar jar stretched tongue”

and… drum role please…

“mike tyson gender change”

How the hell did ‘Mike Tyson gender change’ get people to come here? I don’t know. If that was you please comment below. I can’t figure that one out, but they count to the 2,500 views. Hopefully the whole process is interesting enough to keep you cooming back and pushing me toward and beyond 5,000 in 2013.

Another Milestone

About 8am this morning local time my website (jmichaelmelican.com) got its 1000th view.

I can’t be sure if the actual 1000th came from Australia, the UK, the US or Malaysia (several came in in rapid succession after Swedish views got me into the high 990s).
Thanks to all of you for your support! I have 57 followers as I write this and it’s a great encouragement believing that there’s an audience out there prepared to read what I have written.
My single greatest referrer is still Facebook, but there’s been a few views generated from Google searches as well. The most popular searches to find me are variations on my name, though “strong female protagonists” seems to work as well.
I thought in honor of the milestone I’d share some of the more unusual google searches that have brought people here:
green monkey injured – presumably this led them to one of my short story pages entitled “The Green Monkeys”
talamh war crys – presumably because ‘Talamh’ is the name of one of the areas in the fictional Kingdom of Alterre, the setting of my novel ‘Exile’. What the googler was looking for though I am not sure.
brian melican.com britishness – which led me to discover another literary Melican.: author, journalist, translator and apparent teutophile… Brian Melican
melican bahar şarkıları – the meaning of which eludes me (my Turkish is a little rusty unfortunately)
and my favourites:
how to summoning the jinni – presumably because the jinni are featured in my work-in-progress, a dark urban fantasy  set in an alternative contemporary Melbourne. Unfortunately for the googler it’s not intended to be instructional.
pet monkey climbing nets – presumably they too found my story “The Green Monkeys”. Whether that helped them with their query about pet net-climbing monkeys I cannot say.