So I’m juggling a few projects here I know, but I’m adding more:

The Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre is in WA and runs annual competitions. One of which is specifically Speculative Fiction and entries close later this month.

The Australian Book Review runs  the Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize, and it too closes for entries later this month. In this case it is not Speculative Fiction per se. The past winner describes her genre as Farm Lit, or Rural Romance. I’m not so much a writer of Romance, but I agree with her that writers should have the imperative to write about sheep if they wish. I’ve written about the rural life myself, so I’m treating it as open to some of the less obviously Fantasy pieces I’ve written.

So if I’m a bit quiet I’ll be working on my entries to these competitions. I’ve got some projects in the pipe-line I am polishing for the purpose.

Other than that I’ve experienced renewed vigour for my follow-up to my manuscript novel, and I’m still spending some time with my Urban Fantasy draft.

I suppose it’s about finding that balance between my writing and building this platform.

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