Rakan is a city wracked by division. Within its walls, on its streets and in its waterways, citizens of many species eke their living in a fragile, post-revolutionary peace. These are dangerous times, and dangerous streets, where juicers and dusters will kill for a fix, where the poor must fend for themselves, and old hatreds threaten always to erupt.
       Obiander Starek’s son, Symon, has been missing on these streets a long time. Everyone else has given up hope of finding Symon alive, and maybe Obiander has too, until an old colleague brings good news and bad.
       Inquisitor Tarv is newly promoted, the first kérata to rise so high, and he has a tough first case. An innocent kérata was brutally tortured and killed. Tarv is under pressure from his superiors to show that they made the right call promoting him, and he has only one lead… Symon Starek.
       Tarv and Obiander are racing to find the same needle in a city-wide haystack. Their parallel searches will reveal secrets which powerful forces would prefer to remain hidden, and a scheme to open fresh wounds in a city already on the precipice of chaos.
      Rakan is a New Weird novel, blending influences from Noir, Science-Fiction and Urban Fantasy.

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