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Continuum 2019

*Blows dust off keys*
This thing on? It’s been a while.

Hey folks,

This weekend Continuum 15 gets underway, and this year Melbourne’s premier Spec-Fic con is also the NatCon with International Guests of Honour Kate Elliot and Ken Liu.

Once again, I’ll be attending and looking forward to a big weekend recharging the creative batteries. Unfortunately, only the Friday and Sunday this year.

I’m on a few panels, so if you’re keen we’d love to have you come along and hear what I and others have to say about automation, space dystopias, fantasy languages, or Game of Thrones, or concepts of personal identity in SFF, and the various tangents and diversions those topics will inevitably lead to.

Here’s my panel schedule:

C15 schedule.jpg

I’ll also be around the convention generally, so if you want to come up for a chat, please do. If it’s your first con and you’re looking for someone safe to approach, say hi and I’ll do what I can to help make the con experience a good one.